How can I see if my location has cell coverage?

I’ve built a simple wind meter and would like to install it at our local paragliding site. Is there an easy way to tell whether the location has reasonable coverage for the Electron? I have not yet purchased the Electron.


DISCLAIMER: I really truly wanted to search the forum for this answer but couldn’t find a search tool/link. My apologies if it was staring me in the face.

At the bottom of this page you can select your country and it lists what network operators are used. For the United States, it’s T-Mobile and AT&T. The T-Mobile coverage map for the US is here.

Thanks very much. That’s very helpful. It looks like I will have “fair” coverage, but knowing it’s AT&T and T-Mobile I can get friends with those phones to stand in the exact spot now and check the signal.

It would appear that there is no information on coverage on that page anymore.

Also, beyond just a coverage map is there a list of partner carriers somewhere that we can view?

For the partner carriers, at the bottom of this link is who we partner with per country. You can check open signal for the strength for you location.

Hmm interesting. That link brings me to the pricing page, which I keep seeing referenced as the place to go to check the list of carriers that Particle partners with. I remember the page having a drop down list that populates that pricing table maybe 5 or 6 months ago, but the list has only had “United States” in it on my machine since April.

I just tried navigating to the same page using Firefox instead of Google Chrome and it would appear that the dropdown list is back!

I then tried navigating to the list using an incognito window of Google Chrome, and it was working like that as well.

I then disabled all extensions in Chrome and restarted Chrome to see if the list would work, but it does not work.

I then quite Chrome, and opened it from the command line using --disable-extensions option, but that didn’t work either

Uninstalled chrome and reinstalled it… that didn’t work either.

Then, tried signing out of the account associated with Google Chrome and signing back in… somehow that has resolved the issue, and the dropdown menu works again.

So, if you’re reading this because it doesn’t work on your machine, try some of the things I did and hopefully something will click

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Thanks for letting me know about that, that is weird. I will forward that on to my team and see if anyone else has seen that.

This is a deep dive into the forum’s history but it’s also the most recent post I can find on cell coverage. All of the links in this thread now point nowhere or to pricing docs but I’m unable to find updated cellular coverage maps or even a list of carriers per country. I’m curious about 2G/3G as well as LTE-M/NB-IoT. @KyleG or others, are you able to point me toward an appropriate link? Thanks!

EDIT: found a small part of the answer in this post but still can’t find the complete picture: New Particle hardware?.

Hey there – the list of supported carriers is now available in our docs, here:

For LTE M1, we work with AT&T here in the US, and are working on expanding international LTE M1 coverage in upcoming quarters.We do not support any NB-IoT carriers at the moment.