Coverage in the Caribbean, and especially the Bahamas

Hi, I’m trying to determine what coverage is available for particle devices in the Caribbean. I found this page: which is helpful, but I have two followups.

  1. Bahamas isn’t on there. I wanted to confirm that means there is zero particle cell coverage in the bahamas.

  2. generally, is that link up-to-date and reliable for this type of decision making?


Hi Theo,

Unfortunately Particle has no coverage in the Bahamas. The list is generally up to date, although there can be some exceptions.

Hi, we’re looking for coverage in the Cayman Islands: is this also a no-go?

The Electron and E Series have coverage in the Cayman Islands on Flow, and the Boron 2G/3G on Digicel.

Awesome, thanks sir. I was looking on the wrong list on the website.

Keep up the good work.