How can I connect a 6VDC fan to work from Spark Core?

I recently got hold of a 6V axial fan and would like to make it work off the 5V pin in the Spark Core.
I am extremely new to programming and electronics as a whole (learning from EdX course at the moment) but would like to do some basic stuff like this.

What would I need to start this project? Is it possible to have the 6VDC fan run from the spark without burning the fan out? Is there a link to the code I would need to do this?

Thank you everyone!

There are no 5V output pins on the Spark, just a few input pins that can tolerate 5V.

You will need to use either a transistor or relay to control power to the fan. If you input supply is 6V, then you could use that to power it, but otherwise (if you’re using USB which is only 5V), then you’d need to independent power the fan. You will also need to check the power consumption of the fan to ensure your power supply can provide enough current for both the Spark and the fan.

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