How can I check current WiFi configuration of Photon?

I have a Photon with OS 0.7.0. I would like to see what network(s) it is configured to connect to and do that over a direct connect USB. I reviewed the DOS CLI and don’t see anything that gives that information. I can of course reconfigure the WiFi connection, but I don’t want to do that…I just want to see what it is already configured to.

You can get your SSID from your app level by using WiFi.getCredentials() API call but of course not the password as this will be a big safety issue.
You can compare this to your banking account even if you login and want to check current password, you simply can’t.

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Can I get it from the DOS CLI? Or, the web or app configuration?

I just need to see what SSIDs it’s currently setup for.

Also, supposedly the Photon stores up to 5 SSIDs. How can I find out how many it has stored? Or, better yet, a list of those it has stored?

@darkroom, I could not find a method to obtain the SSID of a Photon (running DeviceOS v0.7.0) from the CLI or from the Particle Console. The only way to do this is to modify the code on the device as indicated by @dreamER.

Yes, the Photon can store up to 5 sets of WiFi credentials, and again, the only way to get a list, as @dreamER pointed out, is to modify the code on the device to use WiFi.getCredentials().

Thanks. I know I can get the info via code on the device, and then figure out a method of seeing that info. I was hoping that there was an external (easy) way, but apparently not. In my use case, it may be better to just clear what’s there, and reprogram it. Though I have heard that there may be an issue with the number of times the WiFi credentials can be programmed, which I’ll have to look into.

@darkroom, that issue is only when folks constantly clear and write credentials in their code (like thousands of times!). In your case, this will never be a problem

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Thanks! Yeah, if I do it a dozen times that’s a lot!