How can I build apps locally like I do on the WEB IDE?

Looks like the spark team did a super job on the firmware. I just got around building the core-firmware source locally and installed all the dev tools. Great instruction and awesome code! Congrats!

Can someone give me a hint on what do I need to do to build my own spark apps locally? Like the ones I build using the web IDE?

Also, can someone point me to a map of the Spark Source? I am looking for a way to hack the spark not need to connect to the spark cloud to run my user app but do connect to WiFi.

Thanks in advance!



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Try adding this to the top of your application:

#include "spark_disable_cloud.h"

There will be easier ways to turn these connections on and off in the future:

Thanks for the answers.

Although for building locally, the plugin sounds great. I would love to know how to this directly with make. Is there information somewhere on how to do our own local builds directly with make that result in an uploadable binary?

There are a bunch of ways to get setup locally:

Official nuts and bolts local toolchain setup:

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Thanks… I think there’s something I am missing… Sorry I am a newbie… :clock230:

I had downloaded all the tools and where able to compile the firmware without a problem. Now… If I am to compile my own code (my INO files) the ones I use on the cloud IDE, do I have to recompile the whole firmware again? If yes… Where would my setup() and mainloop be for my code? What file will the user would have to be?

Or is there something I am missing…

Thanks for your help!


i got it… Its in the application.cpp file!!!

Sorry for banging too much… I just found out what I was looking for!

Thanks for your help! Really do!


this link explains in very good way and details how to install your working place,
but not working exactly in the same way like you do at the web ide.