Household items for waterproof enclosure?

Anyone have ideas for a board enclosure that I can make without a 3D printer or buy at a big box store? I’m in the middle of the woods and am using a tracker SOM to build a GPS collar for my dog.

I ordered an enclosure that’s the right size but delivery times out here are a bit slow. I was planning on using a pill bottle but I’m having trouble finding one that’s long enough.

@Colleen, you could use the cardboard roll from a paper towel roll. You could cut it to size or crimp the ends. You could also paint or wrap it to make it a bit more environment proof.

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That’s a good idea, unfortunately those tp tubes are her favorite thing to chew so it might be too tempting for her.

@Colleen, do you have an old “barrel of monkeys” game? The barrel would likely be a good fit.


PVC pipe can work and be IP rated. It’s also easy to get.
I don’t know if TAP Plastics are in your area but they do have online ordering. I can spend a lot of time in my local store.


Great idea, I’ll see what I can find in the area!

PVC pipe would work great as Eric mentioned!

You might have some static shocks though.

Bubble-wrap and Duct Tape should do the job in a pinch :grimacing::innocent:

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you can glue together the two halves of one of those things that holds a bar of soap in you camping pack. If you use silicon seal you can easily cut it open.