Hook is Live! Pre-order now

Hello wonderful Spark Community

Hook enables Home Automation on a Budget. Live now on Kickstarter. Head over and get a early-bird discount while you can!

Hook is a community effort. It started with this post:

Special thanks to @suda for the right direction at the right time. You are on our KS page as well!
@Hootie81, @Carsten4207 and @Dave - thank you for your appreciative words and feedback!


I just tried to back your project but I can’t get it in Australia :frowning:

Also, will the hook use the core or the photon? I can see the pictures are of the core… but the photon is cheaper…

Sorry about that. We are continually expanding the list of countries Hook would ship to based on backer requests. Australlia should be there now. Sorry about that and Thanks for reaching out!

You are correct. We’ll be using the P1 module for WiFi. Our prototypes have the Spark Core.