High cellular bandwidth suddenly

Good to hear.

I had a Boron on my desk disconnected for hours in the recent outage. So I have to address that in a design. It did get back online on its own.

Unfortunately HTTPS is needed, and I find no working options to do this directly from the device.

Well, this might be relevant for others: I found out that it is possible to send HTTP (not HTTPS) to an Azure service hub. Whatever end point you are working with, might have a similar fallback option.

The first time it will report an error "token exposed ..." etc. but a resend is answered with OK and the data are accepted.

So if/when/while the Particle cloud is down, it is technically a viable option to send data directly to that endpoint with the HTTPClient lib. It is not advisable, because the secret token used to identify valid clients is exposed, but that is up to you.

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