Hi, do you have use SK6812 or WS2812 Flexible LED strip?

In few years, It’s more and more popular in LED, It have a lot of application, just like decorate home and kitchen, or use in lights projects, car light decorate, balance car light, shoe light, nowdays , the individually addressable no only can replace seven-color led strip, it can can be controlled, it is a very power led,

but, do you, what kinds of Power IC is popular?, Now, to be popular, is IC WS2812, It is a first IC to package SMD led, to become built-in IC SMD led, so built-in IC SMD led can be controlled, can show chasing and point by point.

Are you have some idea about it? to Jercio

As my know, I remember have a power IC, SK6812, It is very simple using in China, and many LED Manufacturer, just Mingwei. to Jercio

:laughing::laughing:someone in here, can solution my problem?

Three posts within a few minutes - you are not one of the most patient ones, are you?
Have you searched the forum?

Plenty to read while you are waiting for a spoon fed answer :wink: