Doublecheck connections first project, SK6812 LED Library?

Hello People of Particle,

I’m building an Wifi lamp with an integrated Thermal Printer to connect me and my girlfriend between countrys.
It’s basically a combination of these two projects:

using an MPR121 as Touch input.

I’m currently working through the code and trying to set up the hardware. Since it’s my first time in Iot I’m running into uncertainties all along the way and trying hard to solve/understand them myself.

But I’m unsure about the capacitor I’m using. Does it make sense to connect it like this, when my power supply only has a ripple current of 115mVp-p?

And is the Adafruit Neopixel library suitable for SK6812RGBW or is there a good alternative? I only found people running into problems with integrating SK6812…
I found this ported Version, but was wondering if by now there is a better solution.

If someone has an Idea or could point me in the right direction I’d be very thankful.
And if you see any mistakes in my schematic, please let me know.

I will of course provide the whole project when it’s done.

The capacitor I included in the FamiLamp project is just there to reduce voltage droop when the LEDs crash on (which isn’t really a problem, actually, with how the FamiLamp is coded since everything fades). It is simply a recommendation any time a large number of NeoPixels are involved. You can experiment and possibly even remove the capacitor completely if you find that you don’t run into issues. I’d probably leave it in any case, and just reduce the size to something like 250uF if space is a problem. Also, experiment with the 500ohm resistor, my final design I settled for something like 220ohm IIRC, with higher values causing phantom touches.

Neat adaptation by the way!