Hex File Generator - usage beyond 3.3.0?

Previously, I used the Hex File Generator to create a single HEX file to load the latest OS and flash my firmware all in one swoop. Made quick work of commissioning new devices. However, looks like it stopped at 3.3.0 of OS. Any chance we can keep updating this for the newer 4 and 5 releases I’m at device OS 4.0.0 currently but may eventually want to go to 5.x.y.

@rickkas7 - I think you are the maintainer of it. Any chance you can update for newer releases or is there an alternative you’d recommend?

I’m not sure how that old link even worked. This is the correct link, and the original link now redirects to the correct page.


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Haha. Thanks @rickkas7 I’m in a bad habit of saving links. I just went to my notes from last year and tried following the link I saved vs going to the main site. I should of looked/searched harder on the tools site myself.

This is a great tool by the way!!!

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