Here’s how to share data from Particle Gen 3 devices using Bluetooth or NFC


I would like to see the BLE UART data stream example also so we can connect via another device via BLE Serial app and see the data updates as they update.


I thought the BLE UART was working?


It does work, it’s just the example does not show a simple way for a beginner to understand how to pass different variables into the data that is broadcast out over the BLE UART link. The example shows system log info being broadcast and it’s hard for me to decipher how to modify it send out different variable data.

I think rick is working on a Web BLE example that would allow us to see this info without a need for a BLE Serial app which is ideal in my opinion since it does not rely on a Serial BLE data application but a Chrome web browser instead which can run on just about anything.


To understand how it could be done, you’d need to understand what datatypes fundamentally are and transferring binary datatypes between two platforms would require the two sides to agree on a particular endianness (just to name one).
To rid yourself from that need the common strategy is to use an “intermediate” format both sides do agree on by definition - one such format is text optionally with higher level conventions like JSON.


@RWB, this is a fair comment. I myself have hit the wall a few times adapting the existing examples to use non-numeric data types, so I agree that there’s an opportunity to create some basic content that really digs into how to properly format various types of data for BLE communication.

If you think it would be useful, I can probably add a blog post of some additional docs to my upcoming list.


Yea, that makes sense. Basically how webhooks work right?


I know it’s kind of early for Gen3 BLE but the more examples the better for us noobs.

The BLE Chrome Web BLE is a very powerful combo and I think @rickkas7 is going to build a new Chrome Web BLE example that shows us how to pass data back and fourth between the webpage and the Gen3 devices like we do with Soft AP currently.