Help / Bug with online Web IDE

Last time I played with this was several years ago. Today I start with a new project and am dismayed that the same issue appears to be there making the IDE almost unusable… Tell me what I’m doing wrong please!!

After entering and editing some files, then leaving that program for another then reverting to my new one, ( or whatever I did )… I now have multiple tabs of the same file. Instead of one header and one source file, I now have duplicates showing. When I select one of them its duplicate is no longer selectable, but the top of the IDE workspace is now filled with twice as many tabs as there are files.
Is this me, a known bug or what?? Using Chrome,Win 10, a new PC since last using particle.

Is it possible to adjust your problem with another browser or with a second PC with Linux / MacOS?

I understand that you switch to other Win programs with Alt + Tab, return to WebIDE and find more tabs in the program?

I didnt know the cause. I’m not running anything other than this laptop. But there are other problems with the ide that remain unfixed. I don’t understand why they are not being addressed by the team.

Because there are more pressing issues connected with device OS firmware of Gen2 devices and also a lot of work to be done to get Gen3 devices sailing.
Also the main focus of the IDE team is getting Particle Workbench wrapped up which will then allow to “spin-off” the new Web IDE.
At this point of time it would be counter productive to tie down the already limited human resources fixing glitches in Web IDE which will be superseded “soon”.

BTW, while I did see that file duplication issue a few times myself, I’ve got many projects in Web IDE and these instances are rather rare for me and as such not a major grievance.