Heavy atmosphere? let's break it a bit

Hey Community!

there’s been a number of incidents and/or negative notes and there may be a tense ambience around, anybody up for some social quotes or engineering remarks or (professional) jokes?

This is one I read today:

Design is an iterative process. The necessary number of iterations is one more than the number you have currently done. This is true at any point in time.
David Akin

What is yours?


The tensity is from the consideration that my $600 smartphone is 95% unnecessary for what I need to reliably connect to the internet in an embedded system. And it always reliably connects and reconnects when it comes back into signal. Is there not a product I can buy that will be just like my smartphone, but minus the fancy CPU/GPU/LCD touchscreen, and let me write small binary packets to the internet? The Boron unfortunately is not such a product.

Anti-tensity remark:
-Particle is nice American company rather than foreign
-Particle employs people
-Particle will probably someday get their product to where it can be used to have remote stations upload data over cellular
-Unfortunately my Android doesn’t have a UART interface but, if push comes to shove, I can always simply use my smartphone which has stable cellular instead of the Boron and make a robot inside my enclosure to physically press buttons on my smartphone LCD which will correspond to binary packets to be reliably uploaded and not enter permanent disconnectivity states requiring expensive and time-consuming service missions.


Oh boy, so many… where to start. Here is a less obvious one maybe :slight_smile:

"Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly"
Robert F Kennedy


Our Biggest Enemy as humans is…

Thank you for your contributions so far, though I think we can do better. Please contribute!
Here’s another one for those of us who are humans:

Our biggest enemy as parents humans is our own emotional reactivity.

Learning to pause, so we can respond instead of react, is the most human of all actions. No other species on earth can choose to pause and consider carefully what to do next. Only humans can do it. Unfortunately none of us do it quite enough


And what is the second biggest enemy?
The Red Flash SOS in our Particle devices, of course. :smiling_imp:



Thank you for starting this thread. This is not a pithy business quote but comes close to the spirit of this thread.

There is a mythical beast called a “10x Coder” that a Venture Capitalist called Shekar Kirani said should be at the heart of successful startups in a series of Tweets that started quite a stir:

My day job company, Red Hat, recently created a podcast on this topic that is worth a listen:

We are all busy so, here is the net of what I got out of it:

  1. They 10x Coder / Engineer is a real thing
  2. 10x coders can change the world when they bring their visions to reality (PayPal, Mozilla, Apple, etc)
  3. However, there can be a significant organizational cost to these folks that can outweigh their benefit
  4. Modern engineering is a team sport so the tide is shifting to high-performing teams of 1x coders producing secure, scalable and maintainable code.

and - finally since I am most certainly a < 1x coder

  1. Even a < 1x coder if properly focused and motivated can change the world. So, there is hope for all of us

Hope you find this interesting. Anyone know any good examples of 10x coders?



This is my favorite Tee Shirt :


“Wizard”, LoL


I may have to buy that shirt! I love the one I got recently. Even got asked to explain it by the cashier at the grocery store, which was awesome!


I like it!

Thanks Chip for contributing.
I think Bill Gates qualifies well as a 10x coder, or was he even a 1000x coder?

I do not know any 10x coder so far in real life.

PHEW!!! that is very very encouraging.

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and magician!!! :slight_smile:

that’s an amazing T shirt, Reid.

Not sure if we can post stock photo’s, but thought it might help lighten the mood…

“How to spot a stock photo?” - aside from the watermark :rofl:


This could likely be real. She may be a superhero who can’t be injured. She wears the laser glasses to protect others from her laserbeam eyes.


let’s keep this one up and running an extra week.

Here’s something (from Phil Matthews):

Everybody trusts a hardware engineer, except themselves.
Nobody trusts a software engineer, except themselves.

ouch :facepunch:

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I’ll throw some out there :grinning:

As a beginner these ring true for me :spark:



It took me a second to parse (which was precisely the point) then I laughed out loud at this.


nice one Reid, here’s another with TCP and UDP:

Due to Coronavirus, all TCP applications are being converted to UDP to avoid handshake

Start safe! :slight_smile:


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thanks Ryan. I can relate to some of them… oh wait, actually to all of them

A picture of two concerned “suits” standing around and looking down into a black hole in the floor. One to the other: “This is our development department - we throw money in and hope for the best”.


Hey Chip, look what I came across today!

The researchers expected that the best programmer would outperform his average counterpart by a factor of two or three. But it turned out that the most skilled programmer far outperformed the worst. He was 20 times faster at coding, 25 times faster at debugging, and 10 times faster at program execution than the programmer with the lowest marks.

from this Netflix post here:

Netflix CEO on paying sky-high salaries: ‘The best are easily 10 times better than average’