Heading off by 180 degrees

Hey y’all! I have noticed that the heading on my particle tracker is always reported off by 180 degrees.

In the screenshots below (one from the particle dashboard and the other from my tracking app) shows the heading as 325 degrees / NW when in fact the vehicle is traveling in the exact opposite direction.


Hey Jason!

Are you using dead reckoning? Can you share any other configurations you’re using? Another customer had a similar issue and I’m curious to see if you have the same configs.

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I am not sure I know where a toggle for dead reckoning would be. This is just a personal/test device so I am happy to make any changes for troubleshooting.

Config is stock with the exception of tweaking location update parameters.


Thanks for the quick response! Are you seeing this on multiple devices or just this one?

I have two devices (one in a vehicle and one in a trailer) that experience this same 180 degree discrepancy in heading.

That does sound similar to the other customer’s issue. I’ve reached out to Particle’s engineering team and they are going to investigate further. I’ll let you know as soon as this is figured out.

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Can you share what you are facing to me…

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What information are you looking for?