Have Photon controlling a LIDAR

Over UDP I can control the pan and tilt of a LIDAR on a pan / tilt pedestal (2 servos). I’m reading distance and reporting back via UDP and serial UART console messages. I want to take the next step and develop an Android app (on my PC) for my Android phone to receive distance information from the LIDAR and control the pan and tilt pedestal the LIDAR sits on.

The Particle Photon reference site mentions Android SDK. How do I go about doing that? All advice is welcome.

Early next week I’m making a YouTube video showing how I control this LIDAR with a Photon.

Example console output, LIDAR point at a wall about 2ft away:

Lidar pulse width 543 us
Lidar distance = 54 cm
Lidar distance = 21.3 inches or 1.8 feet

Example console output, LIDAR point at a wall about 5ft away:
Lidar pulse width 1785 us
Lidar distance = 178 cm
Lidar distance = 70.1 inches or 5.8 feet

Curious which LIDAR sensor your using?

How much experience have you got in building Android apps and how much time do you want to invest in this program?
Do you want to sell the product and app or is it just for you?

If this is only for private use, have you considered something like Blynk to do create a simple GUI to control and monitor your device?

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