Looking To Hire Freelancer - Photon Laser Distance Measuring

AB Measuring Project

I am looking for someone to help with a project I am working on. I am wanting to measure distance using an IR sensor. The sensor I am starting with is a SEN0366 here is a link to the sensor and some starting Arduino code. I chose this sensor because of its distance and accuracy. If you know of a different better laser to do the job I am open to using any sensor. I need to be able to use it outdoor and at a min of 2m and max of 30 or 40m.

I currently have this sensor in my position but I can ship you one for testing purposes if necessary.

1 Get the IR Sensor (SEN0366) to capture distance in mm
2 Display current reading on a LCD screen (This will require some averaging of measurements over a period of time, and might need a way to calibrate this in the field)
3 Set Up Two buttons, button A saves one value button B save a second valve, both should display on the screen
4 A third button will send the A and B values to a webhook, (I will setup the website to capture the values)
5 I would need help with setting up wiring of this as well

The idea is to point the laser at object A and record that distance by pressing the button then point at object B and save that distance. Once you are happy with both values you press send and it sends it to a website. I am creating an app to view these valves.

@dougschaefer89, this is not a terribly complex project. I would gladly discuss the design with you to see how I could assist.

That would be great, send me an email at dougschaefer89@gmail.com and we can set up a time next week to talk.