Hard fault...unable to recover

Hi, I am using the particle photon and recently it went to a hard fault mode from which I am not able to recover. I have tried putting in dfu and reflashing the application code and even the tinker program but nothing seems to work. Even when I try to put it into the safe mode it just gets back to the hard fault mode blinking red. Any help?

Can you get into Listening Mode and run particle serial inspect?

I can’t get into the listening mode either.

Since you can get into DFU Mode, download the latest “system part1” and “part2” to binaries and the bootloader.
Then run (in DFU mode and detached from any external circuitry, no breadboard and no anti-static foam)

particle flash --usb tinker -v
particle flash --usb <system_part1> -v
particle flash --usb <system_part2> -v
particle flash --usb tinker  -v

Then try again getting into Listening Mode and run

particle flash --serial <bootloader> -v

If that doesn’t help create a support ticket at support.particle.io (referencing this thread).