GT511C3 Fingerprint Scanner

I have a particle photon and i have the GT511C3 fingerprint scanner connected as shown :

I am trying to use the sample code on this Github: , and flashing it to my photon on Particle build but I’m a little confused as this is my first time using the photon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

@ethanmcm13, can you please describe your wiring. The picture makes no sense to me. What are the resistors for?

@peekay123, I’m using the a JST cable, so black is connected to VIN pin. 2nd cable is connected to RX pin, 3rd cable is connected to ground using the 2 resistors and 4th connected to the TX pin. I was trying to follow the setup of this video:

@ethanmcm13, The pinout is as follows:

The resistors make no sense to me. You should connect as follows based on the picture’s pin numbering:

Photon        Module
RX            1 (TX)
TX            2 (RX)
GND           3 (GND)
Vin           4 (Vin)