GPS lock, not giving lat/long data

I am using Tracker One device, firmware 11 version and it works well untill its inside a box moving in a car. The device then goes on GPS lock giving the below data with lck=0

  "lck": 0,
  "cell": 54.6,
  "batt": 90.8,
  "temp": 23.2

Can you please help on what could be wrong and how to get lat/long data even if device is placed in a box, moving around

Also do you recommend it being used in cold chain in moving containers to detect its latest location along with telemetry data? eg: travel in container with -10degree so that the battery lasts 4-5 days

Thank You!

The lock status of zero indicates that there were not enough satellites and/or there are many fluctuations in the measured accuracy. Is the box shielded in any way, such as a metal cooler? The good news is that we are soon rolling out location enhancement from nearby WiFi access points and cellular towers that will help provide an approximate location even if the GNSS receiver doesn’t have much signal.

Since -10degC is at the lower limit of Tracker One operation, the battery won’t charge under 0degC so I would recommend providing a power source to VIN on the M8 connector or VUSB if possible and/or increase the sleep time to make sure you can bridge 4-5 days.

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