Google Maps API Returns 2 different locations for 2 devices together

I have had google maps geo location working fine on devices for a while. Recently I have just noticed 2 devices that are located together are reporting different locations. One is right and the other is 80kms away! See the map view. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Is it possible the googlemaps API is reaching its free use limit? I imaged it would start to report a 404 error rather than provide inaccurate results?

Hi, how are you calling the google maps API?
What are these two devices: photons, electrons, asset trackers, …?

@gusgonnet I tracked down the issue - it wasn’t with the device but rather with the web app that stores and displays the latitude and longitude published by each device (photons). Someone had slipped a change in to allow manual input and overwriting of the locations (useful??) and then tested it on this device without telling me.