Google map decode the data sent by api

“name”: “deviceLocator”,
“data”: “{“w”:{“a”:[{“m”:“b0:4e:26:7a:be:20”,“s”:-54,“c”:5},{“m”:“e4:6f:13:80:ca:23”,“s”:-74,“c”:2},{“m”:“d8:fe:e3:76:56:0c”,“s”:-96,“c”:11}]}}”,
“ttl”: 60,
“published_at”: “2019-03-19T11:31:19.695Z”,
“coreid”: “e00fce68c47de997c312507e”

can anyone help me to decode this data

These look very much like three WiFi MAC addresses with the respective RSSI readings from which the Google Location service should make some sense of where you have contact to these APs.

@scruffr is correct, these are the IP addresses of the access point your Argon is connected to. The google maps location service uses these to match against a database of WAP IPs that Android phones send it with their GPS data when connected to the WAP. Sometimes the WAP has never been near an Android phone/device and you will not get a location back! Experience with >500 devices all over the world suggests it very rarely doesn’t work. Accuracy with WiFi is 20m typically.

  • “w” is the object for Wi-Fi geolocation
    • “a” is an array of access points
      • “m” is the MAC address of your access point
      • “s” is the signal strength (RSSI)
      • “c” is the Wi-Fi channel number

The keys names shorter to save space, but they map one-to-one to the parameters used in the Google Geolocation API.


how can i locate this in map

You cannot.
As I said

This info is sent to the Google Location service from where you should get a response telling you where these three APs are probably found. If Google has no knowledge about these APs you won't get a location result.
This is also what Rick was trying to tell you by linking to this

Did you care to follow that link and read about the background?

These events need to be used in conjunction with the dedicated Particle Integration

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yes i have got it …i have seen the output also

thank you for your information

with regards