Google Geolocation: Getting HTTP/1.1 200 OK Response but not hook-response in Events


I am trying to set up the example to integrate Google Mads (Geolocation API) with Particle.
I manage to send the publish my petition from the Particle Photon but the hook-events don’t happen: I only see the deviceLocator event.

On the other hand, if I check the logs in the Google Mías integration in Particle Console, I see that Google answers correctly: HTTP/1.1 200 OK and thus the correct location (lat, long, acc).

Do you have any clue why the integration is working but I cannot see the response from Google in my Events’ log?

Thanks in advance,


I remember on a project from Gustavo.

Thanks for your reply Postler.
I already checked the example from Gustavo and will be indeed my next task.

My issue I cannot explain though. It has something to do with the integration on Particle Cloud, since the response from Google API is there but in the events log not :-/

If I’d know how to upload pictures in this message, I would give you more information :-/

I am new in the community…

Thanks again y’all.


I think this integration is not working well because yesterdey it gave me 404 error for hours then suddenly starts work again.

check the callback function to see if the data are sending back. if in the integration console is ok the callback must be ok too, do not look in the devices event, it doesn’t appear the to me either.

void locationCallback(float lat, float lon, float accuracy); 

My50ct: you can snip pictures from your screen with “snipping tool” (internal Win-Tool) and Upload these pictures with the upload-function here in the editor, fcomir.

Thanks for your replay. At the end, that is what I did, not pay attention of the events log but work with the callback. But I really wanted to know what was going on, most important, understand how Particle cloud works and how reliable it is.

I sure did try that :slight_smile: I will try it again though… Thanks for your time!