Go back in Automatic mode

Hi a newbie here. I was using my photon successfully a couple of weeks but now I was using a code which includes System_thread(enable) and System_mode(manual). Since that the Led on my photon is constatly white. That seems to be okay so far. But I can not upload code anymore because the Ide can not find the device anymore (as well as the particle app). I think I need to come back to the automatic mode but I do not know how. I was trying dfu mode via cli and resetting wifi credentials. Dfu mude seems not to work because I was not able to install drivers. Is there a way to get back in automatic mode? Thanks!

@stuidguy, SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) disables the automatic connection to the cloud and hence OTA also! The cool thing is that you can use Safe Mode to put the Photon into a mode where it can accept an OTA. Basically, it ignores your application.


Thanks for that answer, was very helpfull. I recognise the safe mode in the docs, but I was not aware that this is the mode best way to get out of the manual mode. Thanks again.

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