GNSS Message with Particle Tracker

I am suddenly seeing a message that I am not familar with while the Particle Tracker is booting:

0000326442 [app] TRACE: evaluatePublish first
0000326442 [app] TRACE: waiting for stable GNSS lock for triggers
0000327442 [app] TRACE: evaluatePublish first
0000327442 [app] TRACE: waiting for stable GNSS lock for triggers

I assume this is because I dont have a GPS lock. However, I am deep in bowels of a building with no access to windows or the outside without a lot of inconvenience. This message seems to be repeating as some kind of startup and not allowing my code to start.

How do I turn this off?


I’m not sure why, but I upgraded the firmware and the problem went away.

The messages are for information only and are a TRACE class of log entries that can be filtered out with the log setup in main.cpp so that INFO and above are only printed out. Those messages trace the decision making for publish events, indicate what will trigger the next publish, and why the GNSS hasn’t locked yet.

Your problem may be more related to this commit fix since v11 that addresses the very first publish and a potential log jam to get the it out with the simple retry mechanism. Fix multiple publishes at boot · particle-iot/tracker-edge@a0e131c · GitHub