Getting error ‘ApplicationWatchdog’ does not name a type on a line that previously compiled correctly

Just started getting a compile error related to the ApplicationWatchdog. I saw a post a while back that had the same problem.

My code looks like:
ApplicationWatchdog wd(60000, System.reset);

then in Loop:

wd.checkin(); // resets

I took both statements out of the code but then started getting other compile errors with code that has been running for 6 months.

A couple things I did today was download the desktop IDE, but never have used it and also installed a new OS version in a different Election I just got today. Ended up putting back version 0.6.2 thought that was the issue. But now the code in the web ide keeps getting compiler error for version 0.6.2 it was ok prior to today. I must have done something but not sure what? Does the desktop IDE effect the web IDE in some way?

Anyone else have these issues

My guess is that the target device became deselected. If you don’t have a device with a gold star next to the name (in Particle Build Web IDE if you have more than one device) or selected in Particle Dev, the default target is Spark Core, which does not have ApplicationWatchdog support.


thanks Rick that was it… I didn’t see it…I guess I had Brain Lock!!!