Cloud Compiler::: Error: Could not compile. Please review your code

We’ve started getting this for the last hour. I thought it was my code, and I kept trying different things. However, even trying to compile the blink app gets this message. My colleague gets the same thing on a simple hellow world app. Something is wrong with the cloud compiler. Anyone else seeing this?

This is specific to our account. When I switch to a different account It does work. What is specific to the account that could cause this?

Some more info about your setup is required.
What device are you targeting?
What system version?
Is the respective device selected (golden star, if you’ve got multiple devices) in the target drawer?

Sorry I wasn’t very descriptive, Because of the way it showed up, we leaped to the false assumption that it was a system error. It is a Particle Photon. For this particular account (a shared one for people who will maintain this specific device) this is the only device. Firmware is 0.5.3. When it started failing on our code, we tried to compile the blink an LED sample, and it failed on that as well. We tried it on two different computers, rebooted in between, and tried it from both chrome and firefox. The only thing we haven’t done it to release the photon and give it to a new account to try. That is next on the list, but we’d like to avoid that if possible.

Don’t know if this is relevant, but the device did have a hard failure at one point yesterday. I will reflash it with tinker or something to reset things, and then start again to see if that is an issue.

The actual status of the device does have no influence on the actual building - only on the OTA flash.
But you need to have the correct device type with the correct system version tagged in Particle Build to have your build succeede (providing your code is correct).

After the initial failure, we reverted to just using the Blink demo… and that was failing too. This morning, when we came into the office, it started to work fine. Now it seems to be working as expected, and our original code is back and working.

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