Getting a project funded

I am working on a ioT solution that is fairly sophisticated and can be used in a variety of immediate applications. I am getting very low on funds but need 2 months or so to get a prototype ready for video and kick starter. Can KickStarter be used for early funding cycles? I have the entire product architecture and definition already in place. The Proton is central to the product. The potential market is vast.

Aa far as I’m aware you need a working prototype to be able to launch a Kickstarter, so you probably won’t be able to do that.
Also, what’s this magical ‘Proton’ you’re mentioning ;)?


Hi @jetcode,

Sounds like you’re probably at the stage where you need angel funding, look for local startup communities or angel investing groups. Kickstarter can be great when you have a prototype and enough funds / a big enough team to put together a campaign. Kickstarter also won’t necessarily bring you a big audience, you need to do a lot of marketing and work to bring attention to your campaign. People won’t necessarily discover your project there until after it’s achieved some momentum.

I hope that helps!



Thanks David. That’s the bit I needed to know. Nothing worse than going down the wrong path with limited resources. I appreciate the direction offered.


without the prototype its nearly impossible to get kickstarter funding. Local communities might help you with the cause…