Get wired for IoT: the new Particle PoE module brings you power and data on a single cable

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Today we’re excited to reveal the latest addition to the Particle Gen 3 hardware lineup. Available now in the store, the new Power-over-Ethernet module is an accessory that enhances your Particle Ethernet FeatherWing into a PoE-ready device. Add an Argon or a Boron or a Xenon — the Ethernet FeatherWing and PoE module can power them all (individually, of course). Plus, you’ll even have space and power left on your Ethernet FeatherWing to add your favorite Wing — max power up to 5V at 1800mA.

Add power to your network, not costs and complexity

The PoE module shown above attaches to a Particle Ethernet FeatherWing to add PoE capabilities to Gen 3 Particle hardware.

One of the biggest reasons to adopt PoE is that you can reduce your costs and your network’s complexity, while not sacrificing the spots where you can deploy devices. With PoE, there’s no need to buy comically long USB cables or hire expensive electricians to run new power lines. PoE offers a better way.

The PoE module lets you use your existing wired ethernet network to supply data and power to your IoT devices. Simply attach the PoE module to the Ethernet FeatherWing and insert your ethernet cable. That’s it. Enjoy the simplicity of plug-and-play networking, but now for data and power.

Demystifying how Power-over-Ethernet can help your network

The PoE module and a Xenon attached to an Ethernet FeatherWing. The new PoE module powers all these devices using only one ethernet cable.

PoE is not a new technology, but it’s a new addition to the Gen 3 hardware lineup. The Particle PoE module complies with the IEEE 802.3af specification as do other lower-power equipment such as Voice-over-IP phones.

From a purely PoE networking perspective, there are two types of devices on a PoE network: power sourcing equipment (PSE) and powered devices (PD). You’ll need both for your network to supply power over ethernet.

Power sourcing equipment includes PoE-ready routers, switches, and even specialized hardware called an injector that supplies power but does not route data. Picking the right PSE for your network will depend on a variety of considerations. But you will need a PSE on your network for the PoE module to draw power over ethernet. If you’re in the market for a new PSE, look for a device that features 802.3af support. This will
help ensure compatibility with the PoE module.

Powered devices on the other hand comprise all the hardware on the network that uses power from PSE for its operation. An Ethernet FeatherWing with PoE and a Particle Xenon is a prime example of a powered device. When combined, these devices all run from power supplied by a single PSE on your network.

Get started with the PoE module on your network today

PoE is an important technology to have in your networking toolkit. It’s a robust solution that helps you to deploy power and data to remote devices without expensive rewiring.

To learn more about the technical details of the PoE module, head over to the Particle PoE docs and datasheet. And be sure to pick up your PoE module available today in the Particle store.


Where can I purchase one of these PoE modules?

Did this ever happen? The store link just goes to a 404?

The PoE adapter went on sale… then was discontinued because of low sales. So it’s no longer available.

I found this website selling the module. is a little expensive, but it should work.