FW 2.0.0 breaks Ubidots

My take: The removal of Mesh support in Particle FW 2.0.0 has broken Ubidots, and my code no longer compiles.

I’ve long cast a jaundiced eye at the Ubi library – it throws a huge number of warnings even on the best of days when compiling in Visual Studio Code.

Anyone else see this? Anyone got an easy-peasy fix?

Yes, I’ve contacted Ubidots on this issue as well.

Not an Ubidots user, but it looks like there is a way to do it with Webhooks…

Took me way too long to figure it out, but once I did, it’s been working flawlessly for InfluxDB.

Found this tutorial for doing the same with Ubidots.

The benefit also of using Webhooks is that it seems to use way WAY less data and battery to do the same amount of lifting compared with using HTTP connections.

note: DONT use the “Test” button in the Webhooks setup; it’s a bum-steer and will throw an error almost always.

note2: not sure if it will help, but I’m a noob and with the great help of another member, worked through the process here for InfluxDB. No doubt a lot of your questions will be similar.