Fusion Electron and Photon Stack on ST32


i would like to know if its possible to add the Wifi stack to the ST32 that controls the cellular module on the Electron:

Maybe this image can make my intentions more clear. In the end the ST32 could have to choice to communicate over 3G or Wifi depending of the available wifi networks (like a cell phone).
I even think of changing the photon and use a the Wifi+Bluetooth chip on the Redbear Duo to add the bluetooth capability. I just want to know if its something that can be made in a weekend of work or multiple weeks…?

PS: Hardware integration is not a problem, only maybe the code integration with the compiler


Inside P0 module has already built STM32F205. As you have provided have two MCU.
It is more logical to connect the P0 Ublox to module.