Possible future option for consideration

Hy Guys,
May i make a suggestion on a possible option, what about using the STM32F207 device with full ethernet capability?
wifi is great, but for speed of access ethernet would be a LOT faster and more reliable.
Just a thought.


A hardwired ethernet connection wouldn’t be mobile or remote friendly, and network speed is not an issue. We’re not streaming live video. It’s a mobile development platform.

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Hi @MisterNetwork yes admittedly, but then wifi also isnt that mobile, you cant have the photon connect to wifi’s it happens to pass, which limits its portability to a great extent. so it couldnt be used for an onboard GPS monitor for example, you would need to tether it to a phone to use it mobile.

or portable wifi hot spot - as I do. Don’t forget the soon out Electron is Wan internet connected!! I can’t wait! :smile:

I would like to second this option. Ethernet isn’t just about being the main connection to the Particle Cloud. I am looking at some industrial applications where I need to grab data from devices that are either on a LAN or require a direct ethernet connection. I’ve been working with others to try and get the basic Wiznet5100 breakout working with the Core/Photon and things are…challenging.

I think my ideal situation would be an Electron with ethernet capability. Anybody else?

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Perhaps consider the Raspberry Pi as a hardwired solution. Lots of extras with ethernet, usb, and hdmi built in.

There have ben quiet a few people requesting/discussing a Particle device with ethernet. I for one would be very interested as well, reliability and speed would be the main reasons.
I think the most constructive thread about a wired version is this one, although it has been quiet for a while now. Maybe there should be some particle organised poll… (@zachary)
It would definitely look good in the line up, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Ethernet…

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Totally happy to have someone in the community build this, in the same spirit as bluz. We’d be very happy to support it! It’s not on our internal roadmap, but I know Andy is very keen on it and willing to do the work. Just adding our vote of support to Ethernet as a community effort. :+1:

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