Function to find a MAC that identifies the Electron

I’m using many electron devices and each one is used to do some measures. I need to send the information to a server with a unic identification number to know which is the electron that sends the information.
Is there any way to get the mac or the IDE of my electrons without having to use that cloud functions? (I mean automatically while code running Particle.indentify(),Particle.getMac() or something like that).I haven’t find that function on the support documentation but i know that it can be made with the CLI so…it exists in the API.
I know that working with the cloud api i can connect with particle and get the IDE and use particle cloud to store that measures but at this moment it would change all my connection algorithm and…(Is not easy to explain others that they could use some particle cloud store facilities, and make them change their way of working so ,… step by step ) .

That took a good 10 seconds:


wtf! XD XDXDXD XD XD XD. I’m sorry … bad day around here! xD XD XD XD XD XD.
Thaks for your 10 s!