Reading photon's unique device ID

I have 7-11 Photos. I can able to achieve the required data gathering in all of them [ same firmware in all photon and placed in multiple places ]

Issue comes, when I want to push it to cloud,.

I dont want to have 7 different firmware , to differentiate data from photon, in cloud.

I am thinking , getting the photon ID using API and push it when sending data. That way, the firmware is same for all. But, I cant able to get the API to get the device ID.

I dont want to use , WiFI MAC ID to differentiate, because, I have plan to deploy this as product and want to trace the photon with device ID only.

Can anyone help , how can I get device ID using API, in photon fimrware?
Thanks !

If only that was documented somewhere…


thanks :slight_smile: