Function does not trigger IFTTT response

I’ve worked successfully with Particle.publish on IFTTT, but I can’t get a Particle.function to trigger IFTTT. My functions show up on the drop down menu on IFTTT. What might help is if someone could explain to me how functions work as triggers. Does IFTTT “watch” for the function to be called in the firmware? Or maybe IFTTT is supposed to call the function directly somehow? If I run the function via the Particle console, should that trigger a response?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

They don't. IFTTT can call functions or a function can publish an event or change a variable IFTTT is watching but functions don't just run without being triggered from outside and then the only respond (actually return their result) to the caller.


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Thank you for the helpful explanation. I’ve since set up IFTTT to call a function as the result of a trigger and have had much more success.

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