Free mobile SIM


I would like to use the SIM from Free mobile instead default one. How can I use it?


If you search for " how to use my own sim" You will know how to do it. May I ask why do you wan’t to use your own sim isn’t it cheaper to use the particle sim? :grinning:

I finally was able to use it. But I still have a problem of timeout at some point.

The particle sim is very expensive compare to my own sim. 2€ for 50MB per month, and then 0.05€ per MB, and unlimited SMS.

wow is that for m2m devices. the the reason I ask is because i have done a lot of research on m2m sim and if your no a company that in deploying 100 of units a month then it’s really expensive I have notice that in Europe theres a lot more option then in america :expressionless:

It is not a sim for m2m devices. It is for people, that’s why there is also 2h communication with the 2€ euro (that works also to call bunch of countries) :smile:

interesting that sim is grate for this kind of application but why for mobile phones I remember that last time I was in Spain and I didn’t get why anyone would pay for such low amount of mb