Cellular Data Usage vs Particle Cloud Usage?

Is the 3MB per month data usage included with Boron all-inclusive of all data in and out of the Particle Cloud, or is it just the cell data via the sim card?

For example, if I use another brand sim card on my own data plan (like the Tello or similar services that give you a SIM and a data plan), then am I just using data on this new plan, or will I still need to pay for data at the Particle Cloud in addition?

Thank you.

If you use another service for cell data on a SIM card. I believe the answer is no you will not have to pay extra for using the particle cloud. It’s the same at that point as connecting with wifi as far as how particle sees the connections so to speak.

you will not need to pay for the cloud part for one device, or less than 100 I think.
Over 100 devices in an account, Particle starts charging you per device per month if I remember correctly.

EDIT: here’s the full cloud pricing: