Flashing Photon without internet

I have a cornfield full of Arduinos. Currently I have to visit each one open up the control box that they are in and re-program them individually. I would like to replace them all with Photons and program them wireless. I have the ability to set up a wireless network but not internet ability. Is there a way to flash a Photon with the local IDE over a wireless LAN?

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Answered my own question it’s not yet available without internet access.


You’re confusing two things. The Particle Dev (offline IDE), works by compiling the code in the cloud, after which it gets the compiled .bin back. For that, you indeed need internet access. Should you wish to compile locally, you’ll have to set up a local toolchain, Luckily, @mumblepins was kind enough to create a windows installer:

If you want to flash them wirelessly without internet, you can set up a local cloud:

Thank you.