Programming of Photon with L3D Cube

Where can i download the IDE for the photon programming ?. I want to programming the L3D Cube without WIFI network.

There are few things to note here:

If you only want to use the Photon without Wi-Fi, you can use any of the development environments including the web-based Particle Build (Web IDE) and just download and flash your program over USB.

Particle Dev (Local IDE, Atom-based) is a local editor but it still uses the cloud-based compiler. You cannot build software from your computer unless the computer has Internet access with Particle Dev.

If you want to go completely off the grid, with no Internet access at all, you can use the local gcc-arm toolchain which uses a standard gcc compiler and allows offline compiling.

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@parthbhimani00, you can use Particle Build (the online IDE) or Particle CLI to program your photon, even if your program doesn’t require WiFi. With CLI, you can program over USB so internet connectivity is only required by your PC since CLI uses the Particle compiler farm.

If you want to have everything local, then you can use the local toolchain and the Particle firmware Github repo.

I highly recommend the CLI.

@rickkas7 beat me to it!!!