Flashing mqtt-tls library in Argon

Hi everyone, I need to use the MQTT-TLS library in my firmware using an Argon with Device OS 4.0.2. Given that the library is big and cannot be loaded in the web ide, I am trying to use the Workbench in VS code. I have read a lot of similar topics related to the errors that come up when compiling the code after having included the library. In particular I am having problems related to the mbedtls/config.h file which was not present at the beginning, I have also tried to create it taking the structure of the same file in the Amazon Iot library that includes the MQTT-TLs. Even after this, I still getting the errors showed in the attached picture.

Please install the library from “particle library” command or VScode command pallet.

Hi, thank you for your response. I did install all the libraries from the Particle command palette using Particle: Install Library

Are you cloud compiling or locally?
If you compile in the cloud the build chain will try to use the cloud based library.
To prevent that and force the use of your locally stored library you should deactivate the respective dependencies entry in the project.properties file.
But local build would be preferable anyhow :wink:

Could you find “src/mbedtls/include/mbedtls_config.h” file on your project?
I test compile the sample souce code MQTT-TLS 0.2.25 with Argon 4.0.2 on local&cloud compile no problem.
so It’s good that you check the compile the sample code (a1-example) on your PC(excluding other libraries).

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