Connecting Particle Argon with AWS IoT

I would like to connect my particle Argon with my AWS IoT using MQTT. Could you suggest the steps to do it?. I tried to load MQTT-TLS library from web IDE but not able to load it on IDE.

Hi Prince- what issues are you running into when using the MQTT-TLS library? Can you share the specific error message?

Hi Colleen,
Thanks for your response. I have attached the image below for your reference. If I try to load the MQTT_TLS library in particle web IDE it is shows still loading. I am using Web IDE on Chrome browser (Version 101.0.4951.67 - Official Build - 64-bit) on Windows machine.

Hi, there are so many files in MQTT-TLS library that I think WebIDE is failing to read them. I recommend building with VScode.

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I guess this is the case:

But my question is why this library is even available on WebIDE ??? if will always fail to load ?
There’s any alternative to VScode ? Some people (included myself) doesn’t want to even hear any thing about any products from Billy Billy, let alone work with it

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Hi, may be you could open old version MQTT-TLS library with clear cache on settings.
This old version 0.2.23 could use on Photon/Argon…etc, but this crypto library (mbedTLS) is old version(mbedTLS 2.1x), so I update to latest mbesTLS at 2022/05/30.

Latest 0.2.24(mbedTLS 2.28.0) and 0.2.25(mbedTLS 3.1.0) maybe can not use on WebIDE(too many crypto source code is updated), but old version can use.

BTW, from the mbedTLS library support status is…
mbedTLS 3.1.x : main repo
mbedTLS 2.28 is a long-time support branch. It will be supported with bug-fixes and security fixes until end of 2024.
mbedTLS 2.1x is long-time support branch. Users who want a long-time branch should move to mbedtls-2.28, which is backward-compatible and will be supported for at least 3 years.
so, I’d suggest update to latest MQTT-TLS(0.25.0/mbedTLS 3.1.x) is good.


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