Flashing firmware locally from Netbeans IDE


I wanted to flash the core locally , I followed the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBCxYbtDbVA
(Topic: Spark Core Compiling Locally in Windows). I could successfully finish the installation, configuration. I connected the core, and kept the core in DFU mode. I could able to compile and run my first program in Net beans IDE . Got the message “successful” Once the core is flashed, it automatically gone to the standard cyan breathing. I have expected the output as per the core I flashed. ( I just wrote the code of bilking LEDs and Serial.Print statement), But core was quite calm and was not responding , as if was not flashed anything. What would be went wrong? Or , are there any further steps I need to follow the flash the core locally.
Please help me…
Thank you…

Where did you change the user firmware and how did you flash the binary file to the core?

I have exactly the same issue.

When something like this happens to me with the web IDE, I always try to connect to the core using the iOS (or Android) app and see if the core is running Tinker, the default startup application. For instance if the core is updated with the latest deep update, the end of the process re-flashes Tinker. Or if your code fails and the boot-loader decides to run the backup firmware, that is generally Tinker too.

One other point: a lot of Windows examples require you to type any character over serial to get past setup since starting a terminal on windows can have tricky timing. Could the core be waiting for you to type a char?

I’am able to upload my code through the web IDl and it is running fine. The example i am using is a simple flashing Led.
I am using Netbeans. For some reasons the core acts like my code was not uploaded, but Netbeans shows “RUN SUCCESSFUL”

Thanks , I did the same but , it is still not working …