Flashing Cyan with Quick Flashes of Red

I have tried the suggestions from: Photon setup flashing cyan with a "quick red burst" (now orange burst) [Solved] but still see the flashing cyan with quick flashes of red.

Any other suggestions?

Can you explain further what code are you running etc?

Step 1: Put the Photon into DFU mode:

Step 2: Downloaded the server public key from https://s3.amazonaws.com/spark-website/cloud_public.der

Step 3: dfu-util -d 2b04:d006 -a 1 -s 2082 -D cloud_public.der

During normal setup, when the device attempts to connect to WiFi it times out and gives an “Oops” message saying “This is an internal problem with the device, …” I have successfully connected another Photon to this network.

Can’t seem to get it beyond this point. This is one of many Photons we have, but seems to be the one we’re having the biggest issue with getting it to connect properly.

Do you have CLI installed? Can you place the Photon in Listening mode (blinking blue) and do a particle serial wifi

I ran: particle serial wifi

It ran to completion and reset the Photon. When the Photon restarts in goes solid Green (instead of the normal blinking Green) and then after a few seconds re-enters Listening mode. I hit reset and then it goes through blinking green and then back into the Flashing Cyan with quick flashes of red.

Can you try placing it in Safe mode?

When attempting Safe Mode, it cycles back to the flashing cyan w/ red bursts.

I’ve been playing around with lots of commands. Maybe one of these will help narrow down the issue:

MacBook-Pro-3:particle-cli crowcasso$ ./particle.sh keys send xxxxxxxxxx photon.pub.pem 
attempting to add a new public key for device xxxxxxxxxxxx
Token error: Permission Denied
submitPublicKey got error:  Permission Denied

MacBook-Pro-3:particle-cli crowcasso$ ./particle.sh device add xxxxxxxxxxx
Claiming device xxxxxxxxxxx
Failed to claim device, server said  { ok: false,
  errors: [ 'That belongs to someone else. To request a transfer add ?request_transfer=true to the URL.' ] }

Seems I am not claiming the Photon?

Has the Photon been claimed before?

We have a bunch of Photons (34) so the individual ones merge after a bit. :wink: I believe a student of mine has tried to claim the device, but the photon failed to fully connect. I gave the student a different Photon which did connect just fine. I’ve certainly tried to claim the device myself (I’ve claimed it during through the mobile app process), but have never gotten the Photon to fully connect either.

So short answer, I think the Photon has been claimed – but it never was fully connected. Its not clear to me when the “claiming” happens in the process.

… and thanks for helping.

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claiming happens when you have the Photon physically in your hands and attempting to add to your account :wink:

I have the physical Photons, but can seemed to get it claimed. Is there an approach for claiming that will allow me to override the original claim? Using the app asks if I want to override, but does not seem to do it.

If you use the mobile app or particle setup it will override them :wink:

That’s the problem. It is not overriding them.

I never tried doing this so ping @jeff and @zachary

Hey @crowcasso can you PM me your device ID and I’ll check on that for you?

I have photon “Your device id is 26002e001647343337363432
Your system firmware version is 0.4.9” with quick flash cyan status, despite apparently successful cli keys new attempts.

HELP!!! thanks, Dave Miller

@davemil is it just flashing cyan? Any other patterns?

occasional red flash mixed in with cyan flashes but then dying out while cyan flashes continue.

Sounds like it is not able to connect to the cloud properly hmm…

Are you able to setup a mobile hotspot on your phone and use that for the Photon to connect and see if it works?

phone reports connection