Flashing Core's wjth Particle Dev on my Pc

I tray to flashing Core from my pc with Particle Dev it compile on Cloud, but the led on core don’t change color (flashing magenta …).It seem dosen’t flashing the Core. Any idea?
Thanks a lot

Have you made sure that you are targeting the correct device?
Is your device maybe running code that prevents it from receiving OTA updates?
Could you try if you can OTA flash the device via Particle Build (e.g. just a small test sketch)?
If not, can you try flashing a test sketch or tinker via USB?
If all doesn’t help, on a Core it’s still safe to perform a factory reset - you just have to reenter your WiFi settings.

Sometimes mine won’t flash but it’s because I’ve had Dev open for a long time. Close/re-open select core and flash. If that doesn’t work, you should get an error message. Also be sure your core is online and breathing cyan.

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Good Afternoon is ok I have a fiel with a wrong extension, I delete the file and rebuild.
Thanks for your answer. Vale

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