Flashing 1.2.1 device-os

What are the correct files to use for updating device-os?

Is it this?

Or one of these?

I’m being thrown off by the names – “+debug”. Is there a non-debug version of the system firmware available?

You’d want the first set of files, but when downloading the binaries zip file you’ll finde them inside of that :wink:

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Ok, so I can ignore this new “+debug” tag added to the file name?

Do you know what “+debug” means in this case? It signals to me that the files are ready for debugging via Particle Workbench or something.

AFAIK the log statements for system messages are enabled and can be activated by instantiating a log handler.

In order to actually debug the device OS you’d need a monolithic build which has the system and application code in one single binary.

Thanks for the explanation!