Flashee Circular Buffer location

I want to use a circular buffer but I am not sure where to pick the starting location. Can I pick any place to create the buffer or are there certain safe areas? Also can I choose a size smaller than 4096 bytes?

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So from the Readme:

“Provides persistent storage using the external 1.5MB user flash on the spark”

The 0.5MB used for the core functions are not accessible (or rather restricted) via the library if i’m not wrong :wink:

The other question, someone else might have the correct answer :smiley:

Hi @kennethlimcp, yes I read the readme. what is not clear to me if I can use all of it. Can I do this:

CircularBuffer* buffer = Devices::createCircularBuffer(0, 1234);

Yes. Flashee exposes only the 1.5MB user portion of external flash. So you could use all of it, from the very beginning. (I’ll update the docs to make this point clearer.)