Allocate additional Flash for EEPROM

Hey Everyone,

I would like to use EEPROM for my application but I need additional protected storage for variables. EEPROM is currently limited to 100 bytes. This seems to be defined by the EEPROM_SIZE variable in the spark_wiring_eeprom header file. It is a uint8_t variable limiting it to 255 since it is an 8 bit byte.

Is there any reason this is currently limited to 0x64(100)? In the header file there is a comment that says Max 255 bytes. Is there some sort of memory map for the flash in the Spark Core module? Is this using the flash memory of the STM32 i assume?

Long story short I need around 1024 bytes for EEPROM if at all possible. I could possibly make due with 512 but I would like to have the additional storage if possible.

Any help on this subject?

Thanks everyone,

@IOTrav, you may want to consider using the external flash via the flashee-eeprom library :smile:

Thanks @peekay123 I will take a look at that.