Flash Local USB Core in DFU Mode From SparkDev?

Hi, quick question, does anyone know if it’s possible to flash a core connected to USB and in DFU mode from the SparkDev IDE please.

I have been using Netbeans and whent through the whole install tutorial which works but when the SparkDev came along I thought what a nice simple IDE and thought it might be similar in term of ease of use to the Arduino IDE.

Alas, I can’t figure out how to flash my core from it when away from my router. Thanks, Rick.

@rickpbush There are two ways to flash the Spark Core - either locally via USB and dfu-util or over the air using the Web IDE.

If you want to flash locally using the USB, I recommend using the Spark CLI - documentation can be found here

If you want to compile on the Web IDE and flash locally then you can download the firmware by clicking on the cloud icon while you are in the IDE It's next to the name of your program. Then just type

spark flash --usb firmware.bin

Ok, got that working, thank you. I would say though that it woruld be nice to be able to do this via the SparkDev IDE GUI :smile:

You can but it will be OTA. If you click on the button just above the Save & Verify it will flash the core over the air. If you have more than one core you need to select the target core from the button.