Firmware Review

As some may know, I’ve been working part-time for a while now on a waste monitoring sensor for internal use at the waste management company I work for. When I started out with this one year ago, I literally had zero experience in coding, or anything computer/electronics related for that matter. I self-taught myself everything over the months.

However, while my firmware sort of works now, I could use an experienced person who actually know what he’s doing to review it, make recommendations, improve things, etc. It’s only 600 lines of code or so, but it’s pretty important there’s no critical errors at this point, as the company is looking to get a few dozen of these next month. I definitely can’t have my waste sensors fail on me while already deployed in the field :wink:

I don’t really want to make everything relating to my project public for obvious reasons. So I’m looking for an individual who can spend a few hours taking a look at it… We have a small budget available for this work so your efforts won’t go unrewarded :slight_smile:

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I’ve sent you a PM.