Filtering logs in dashboard

I have a number of devices which I am keeping track of. Is there a way to filter the logs to only show publishes by a specific device for trouble shooting purposes?


Sorry for resurrecting this old post, but I was hoping a solution had been found since then.

You could write your own event logger using the Particle JS API geteventstream method. This code in a file called ‘stream-device-events.js’ works for me:

/*jslint node: true */
"use strict";

var Particle = require('particle-api-js');
var particle = new Particle();

particle.getEventStream({ deviceId: '<device id>', auth: '<token>' }).then(function(stream) {
  stream.on('event', function(data) {
    console.log("Event: " + JSON.stringify(data));

With nodejs and the JS API installed you can then run it with:

node stream-device-events.js

Then events for the one device will be streamed until you cntl-C it. Easy to add writing events to a file as well.

I think I will build my own application using the Spark IO library. If I decide to share (freely) the application, would you know who I should ask for permission to use the Particle IO logo in my application?